It will be the final wheel blog this year.

I guess this will be the last wheel blog and horse racing prediction blog I wrote. Thank you for many hand -assembled wheel orders this year. Not only the fixes, but also various rims, hubs, and spokes such as roads and BMX, I think that it was a strong year as a hand assembly to try various ways. The things to be assembled still remain this year, and I wonder if I will introduce them as usual from the ones I have assembled. F-35 x BRO/PHIL
F-35 x PHIL PRO Track
Both are wheels using F-35 and PHIL. The royal all -black specification is purely cool, and it will give you a light running comfort in terms of the combination of rim and hub. The other with red in the hub isActually, it is a rare Pro track color model. This is quite rare. Please ride well and do it for a long time. Hed.belgium x Philwood
Belgium recently arrived. It was selling immediately and I assembled it immediately. This rim has only about 2 sets leftAnd it is still popular. The wheel ordering event will continue until this weekend, so if you want this rim, please use it. The hub is also a rare PHIL white hub. Now it is out of print and is not available. The spoke is CX-ray, making it lightweight. I want you to use this wheel well. This year, the number of assembled has been larger than last year, so it is a total number.Approximately 450Tsu. Thank you very much for ordering several times like a repeater or ordering me by name. You can fix it even if you have a good hand. If you get on it firmly, it may be a fleet. So please bring maintenance as well as that area. I'll make you look firm. See you soon,Let me assemble your wheels again next year. We'll be expecting you.
Fujimoto's horse racing prediction Yes, from the previous result. Losing Completely misplaced. The rest is Arima. I really want to hit it. Even a small amount. I want to end a good way. This week's raceNakayama 11R Arima Memorial (G1 Then here is the forecast ↓ ↓ ↓
I know enough that Kiseki is strong, and I think I should bet on Kiseki, but I think I shouldn't bet until the end. Focusing on betting tickets when Kiseki does not come. There are many things that will change by the day, so I bought a betting ticket that I wanted to come to the day before, so I'll put it on. I will definitely buy it on the day.
It would be big if this came. The amount I bought will be hidden. Fuji Please feel free to consult by phone or email. Click the banner below ↓↓↓ to contact you immediately! !
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