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Custom introduction of popular Leader Bikes 735TR today! ! Although it is a bullhorn custom you often see, orange with the color on the front wheel! !
LEADER BIKES 735TR COMPLETE ¥ 185,000 ( + tax) Leader Bikes 735TRXENCORE Custom ¥ 244,000 ( + Tax) The style of putting baton wheels on the front is a well -seen style, but this time I took in colored items! !
Encore Fixed Gear Wheel ¥ 60,000 ( + Tax) A design reminiscent of EARO SPOKE, which gained popularity during the heyday. Although it is a carbon baton wheel, the abundant color lineup and durability are Pikaichi! ! I chose a bullhorn on the handle! !
DEDA CRONONERO TRI ¥ 6,900 ( + Tax) This is popular because of the aggressive looks and high operability unique to a piste bike. Because you can hold the tip of the handle, it is recommended to dancing easily, such as tightly uphill and speeding! ! This time we customized the handle and front wheel! ! It is Leader Bikes 735TR that is very warm even in the normal state, By customizing from the beginning, you can trade in the normal parts, so it's a bargain! ! Of course, it is enough 735TR to ride with a completed car. If you can afford your wallet, please consider custom! ! YOSHIE
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