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"AEROSPOKE", which has been waiting for a long time, will arrive at the beginning of the week. It is no longer an explanation aero spoke, but let's review it. Or rather, what is the best wheel choice for me before that? There are various types of wheels, and the wheels I'm looking for Which one is it? I would like to introduce how to choose the wheels correctly.
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At the beginning The wheels are tubular, clincher, There are various types such as aero wheels and carbon wheels. As a representative of the wheels used for fist bikes There are aluminum and carbon. Emmy! ! ! Tell me the advantages and weaknesses of aluminum wheels and carbon wheels! !
★Advantages of carbon wheels Carbon is made lighter than aluminum ones. So, even if the rim is high to some extent, the rowing can be felt lightly, so Suitable for long rides. In addition, the vibration attenuation effect is high, and unpleasant vibration transmitted directly to the body. It will reduce it. ★Disadvantages of carbon wheels To handle carbon fiber while the number of wheels of carbon material increases It is more expensive than aluminum because it requires advanced technology. It is vulnerable to a strong impact from the outside rigidity, so it can be damaged like a glass. ★Advantages of aluminum wheels It can be obtained at cheaper than carbon wheels, It is sturdy because it is said to be about three times that of iron. Color variations and rim widths are abundant compared to carbon, so You can enjoy various customization. ★Disadvantages of aluminum wheels It is heavier than carbon and is more comfortable. Because it is easy to get tired in places with many steps or in bumpy roads. It is a little unsuitable for harsh rides.
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Then, when it is said that all aluminum wheels are heavy, not, not. H Plus Son Archetype AT-25 ¥ 7,000- Is very light and very light, Surprise lightness of 450g!
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What is the relationship between spokes and wheels? The strength of the wheel is determined by the spoke, rim and hub strength. And about 90 % of the wheel strength is determined by spoke strength. The more spokes, the shorter the sense of the rim spoke. The wheel strength increases. The narrower the spoke interval, the higher the strength of the wheel. In fact, when I looked at the tires of a bicycle called Mamachari, The wheels are shallow, the spokes are clogged and solid, but it feels very heavy. If you select a deep rim, the rim is high, so the spokes are short and the number is small.
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So, if you actually make it lighter, while watching the number of spokes and the thickness of the rim Let's choose. "Lightness is more important! Full -scale specification !!!"
BROTURES SHRED 50 DEEP RIM WHEEL SET ¥ 92,000- Following the popular SHRED 88mm wheels, BROTURES released a new 50mm carbon rim wheel. By reducing 30mm thinner than normal SHRED, we pursued the lightness of carbon advantage.
Hed. Jet9 Carbon Track Front Wheel ¥ 123,500-
Hed. H3 Carbon Track Front Wheel ¥ 140,000- Overseas track races, even in Japan, have a track record of being used in women's bicycle races, Baton wheel HED. This wheel, which makes the most of the benefits of full carbon, is a first -class product in accuracy, lightness, and design. It is the finest wheel that the person who rides the fabric longs for once.

"I want a stable ride but I want a stable ride !!"

BROTURES ALLDAY 42mm Alloy Wheel Set ¥ 34,000- With the adoption of a single wall rim, it succeeded in reducing the weight of 42mm. I use a shield bearing for the hub bearing, so Maintenance -free and can be used for a long time. The quality is also realized as the original brand while keeping the quality as it is.
AEROSPOKE FRONT WHEEL COLOR ¥ 52,000- With a reasonable line with carbon baton wheels It boasts overwhelming toughness. My recommendation is RED while the color variations are abundant. The compatibility with Leader Bike is also outstanding.
BLB Notorious 90mm FULL CARBON DEEP RIM COLOR ¥ 54,000- It is molded with a 3K carbon and has an exquisite presence despite being a single color mat. Separately from the normal carbon pattern, the color is 5 colors, and the color of the machine makes the choice more like it. The weight is 850g. Please make a lightweight wheel depending on the combination of spokes and hubs. "Which of the front or back is more effective when installing Aerospoke before or after the wheel?"
Regarding the weight reduction, it can be said that the rear, which feels directly on the legs, is overwhelmingly effective. It is better to attach only the rear wheels that are driven by themselves rather than fogging only to the front wheels. It makes sense and can use its characteristics more effectively! ! If you actually examine the characteristics of various materials, there will be new discoveries, Isn't there a lot to go to the depth of the wheel? ? Ask anything you care about! ! !
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