The last is "735tr !!"

Hello! ! In today's blog, it may be the last business day this year I would like to thoroughly analyze the Leader Bikes flagship model "735TR"! ! ! I myself have been riding for more than three years! ! There is also a sale as a finished car, and it is a very high -peeck one in the finished car! Not to mention the impact of the appearance! ! It's actually a pretty good frame! ! That's the introduction of 735TR! ! ・ Leader Bikes 735TR COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 185,000 (+tax)
There is no brake or pedal in the photo, At the time of handing, brakes and pedals are attached! ! And the first highlight of "735TR" is a crank! !
From the beginning, it is not an exaggeration to say that it has become mainstream in recent years. ! The FSA -specific standard 30mm spindle is more rigid than the conventional direct crank, and will convert pedaling power into propulsion! If you buy only this part in a single item, it will be "¥ 30,000" for some reason! ! You can see the height of this finished car! ! And the difference between "725TR and 735TR" is a question,
"735TR" down tube aluminum is the same as "CINELLI and DOSONOVENTA" in aluminum. It is a lightweight, sturdy and excellent frame material that uses 7000s aluminum. On that side, the 735TR is expensive, with high processing and shock absorption while driving, and is used in the airport space industry! ! ! This is the "735TR" that everyone longs for! ! ]
2018 is over, but why don't you start on the "735TR" in 2019? ? Please ask me about "735TR"! !! Probably the 735TR on BROTURES! ! Finally, if you simulate the 735TR completed car 12 times, ...
You can pay with a low burden like this! ! Please feel free to use it! ! Then thank you in 2019! ! BROTURES OSAKA Ayumu.
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