735TR "Fixie Goon" Custom

The high -end machine "735TR" of Leader Bikes I had this time The concept is "Choi Wal" blasting in the city. The place to be squeezed, remove the removal, remove it! I often appear in my custom vehicles recentlyHed Jet9 Carbon Track Wheel "Install the back and forth again in luxury again.

Aerodynamics, running stability, lightness, and rolling of 90mm are 90mm.

The weight is the front and the 895g rear is 1074g, and the lightness is surprisingly light! ! !

If you say a little walnut Mash STEM I'm the first to imagine. This stem, which is manufactured by CNC processing that can increase the processing accuracy on both the outside and inside, is not only light, but it is not only light. The strength is perfect. The rising logo, the Cinelli logo engraved on the body, and the stem that makes you feel a high sense in terms of design. In this photo, it is difficult to understand, but the angle is lowered, so it is not only the appearance. The air resistance received by the body is also reduced as the attacking position is realized! ! !
Here is an indispensable walnut concept. "AK Grip", a signature of Alex Kennedy I chose a thick long grip that supports riding! ! Of course, it can be used not only for BMX handles, but also for riser handles, drop handles, and bullhorn handles! ! ! I said in the previous blog, so I immediately realized it.
Finally, input NITTO's short riser bar B260AAF. The bar diameter is 23.8mm and it is easy to hold the smaller hand, so it is easy to grasp when you attach the grip !!! Exquisite 7 ° Bucksweep, the handle width is 485mm. This is the last assassin with a little walnut concept.
Then please see the whole picture.
How about that? ? If you say "the originality that does not suffer from people and the specifications without compromise", I recommend this way.

735TR "Fixie Goon" Custom

And I found a perfect PV for this bicycle, so if you have time, please! ! [YouTube] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMXW5nyvu[/youtube] [YouTube] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1S3ARPTU9LG[/youtube] [YouTube] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvvla6v4n8g[/youtube] Ray Victor.
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