Aero spoke in stock soon !!! Custom propo...

hello. Did you get any items for summer recently? It's already summer and when making custom bikes I think it's a good idea to incorporate a variety of parts! In such a case Aerospoke¥ 40,000- (+tax) will be in stock soon!
First of all, AEROSPOKE is rich in color. Therefore, it is easy to arrange and is outstanding to customize. In addition, the strength is stronger than carbon wheels It creates centrifugal force from its strength and weight, and improves the sustainability of the rotation! Products that are reasonable and easy to get! This time I used purple. So Introducing custom bikes using AerOSPOKE!
how is it? CINELLI X MASH PARALLAX AEROSPOKE CUSTOM ¥ 318,000- By inserting Aero Spoke It looks, of course, a sense of stability Don't you think it's perfect for Parallax? Aero Spoke is made of carbon resin, so There is no problem durability, and even the streets of the streets. A wheel that responds flexibly! Recommended for those who want to customize at a reasonable price! And I will introduce another one. This timeFSA Carbon Track Isis Crank ¥ 45,000- (+Tax)of I use it, What I would like to introduce today Rip Crank& CERAMIC BB!
RIP CRANK is a BROTURES original direct crank. Because it has the same structure as SRAM, BB is of course outboard. BROTURES self -confident work that is not only rich in color, coolness but also practicality!
Ceramic BB Recommended for those who are seeking speed with outstanding lightness and those who want comfort! The smooth rowing taste must be addictive for everyone. This crank and BB set will always answer your expectations! Recommended because it is the best. I think it is different from the explanation alone, so You can also use Jack Slones at BROTURES OSAKA. By the way, this custom bike The simulation when you use Jack Slone for 12 times (1 year).
Screenshot 2014-07-05 21.24.08
You can get such a vehicle within 30,000 a month! ! CINELLI X MASH PARALLAX AEROSPOKE CUSTOM ¥ 318,000-
We will exhibit this weekend! ! I want you to know this goodness, so please look at it with your own eyes! We are waiting for you tomorrow at BROTURES OSAKA! U-KI.
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