Please give me a hand -assembled wheel ag...

Thanks. This is Fujimoto. It's late,Happy New Year. I would be glad if you could come to the store with the same maintenance as before, talked about horse racing, and talk about the world. Thank you for this year as before, no, or more. It doesn't matter, but I made her in the last year's year. Spring is coming to me in such midwinter. It was smooth. I told a good friend or friend that she would blog if she could do it, so I wrote it for the time being. Is it really a little bit for 4 years? I myself have been higher than the World Cup than the Olympics, and there are still parts that are floating. And one more thing with a good story. I bought a new hex wrench every day.
It is easy to grasp. Everyone wants to use this, so please bring me a maintenance. So, let's go to the main subject? Speaking of me, a wheel blog. I don't know if it's settled, but ... In -store hand -assembling wheel sale. It's a bit sad that the assembled things will be on sale, but it's even more sad that they can't sell. Please check the Instagram and the store carefully. SoI will pick and introduce my favorite. F-35 x DT Swiss Track Hub ¥64,600- → ¥51,680
If you are worried about F RIM or want to see it using carbon wheels, I really want to recommend it. The Zpok is also specialized in price and lightness by using the DT SWISS competition called the Competition of DT Swiss. So, we have two at the rear, and the spokes are separated between silver and black. The sale price is quite cheap as a hand assembly using carbon rim. yes. AT-25 × RAKETA Front ¥31,800 → ¥25,440 Sold out           Rear  ¥33,800 → ¥27,040 Sold out
Even if you introduce only carbon, it is a hand assembly in aluminum rim. This combination is a very lightweight finish, and it looks refreshing. It feels like an expert. The price is not so expensive even before the sale, but it is quite cheap to sell. For those who are still genuine wheels, look at it at this time. I think that the driving performance will be greatly improved if you change it with a set because it is front and back. TNI AL22 × Paul × SAPIM CX-RAY Front ¥38,500 → ¥30,800 Sold out                     Rear ¥41,500 → ¥33,200
This wheel is normal, but I think it's the best wheel of the hand -gathered wheel. The rim is light and cheap. The hub turns and strong. The spokes are light and can be stretched. So, the price is suppressed by carbon and aluminum hand assembly. It is the lightest wheel in the store. this guy. By the way, I don't like the decal of the rim because I don't like it. I want to introduce it, but I personally personally make a good thing as a hand assembly, so please use the sale. By the way, I haven't introduced it here,There are only one ENVE. While writing this blog, the one I wanted to introduce is standing. Those who purchased are expensive.Anything is a story. Well, it's worth it to be on a trip, so I'm glad. There are still many things in the store, but please hurry. It's gone more vigorously than I imagined. Of course, we are always waiting for your hand -assembled order, so please rely on this year as well. We'll be expecting you.
Fujimoto's horse racing prediction I will continue this year as well. This corner. By the way, last year's balance is negative. Gambling is difficult. This week's raceKyoto 11R Nikkei New Year Cup (G2 Then here is the forecast ↓ ↓ ↓
The first expectation of the new year. Suddenly it is a handicap battle, it seems to be rough, and it is difficult. Speaking of Kyoto, Takeshi. But this time the axis is Kawada -san. It's a long distance and I buy a jockey. Fuji BROTURES OSAKA 1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka 06-4391-3313
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