735TR X Enve Components

This is an introduction of one of the luxuriously installed components of "ENVE", which rises popularly in the Osaka store. I put a "spice" like Osaka in the new 735TR. Yes, the assassin according to the title,
A unique design rim hat that a former F1 engineer has been working on is called a smart system. What would happen if you install the rim that acts on the smart system at the top of the street fix, install it.
Very dangerous finish.
And the spokes of this front wheel used this time, of course, "SAPIM"Use CX-Ray. So why did you adopt CX -Ray?

Reason 1: Very easy to assemble! !
Aero -shaped spokes occur when the nipple is tightened with a wheel setYou can easily see spokes around.
Moreover, by holding down the flat part with a tool, you can eliminate the work itself.
I do the work of getting into when I build a wheel, In the case of aero spokes, the trouble of this familiarity is compared to the round spokes.Very small, you can shorten the time of the wheel assembly.

Reason Part 2: Heading is hard to jump! ! !
Sapim can see the name of the manufacturer even if the spoke neck flies. The maker engraved at the end of the spoke near the spoke near the neck of the spokeI put it in the round spoke part.
It is a sign of confidence that "our spokes don't fly anyway !!"
Actually, it is quite strong to jump.
Probably the world's best spoke of mass -produced products! ! ! in short, It is important to satisfy the spokes, which is a component of wheels, at high levels, high strength, lightness, and low air resistance. All of them are added to this guy! !
ENVE is also all -colored to achieve lightness and comfortable position. It looks like of course. You can understand that it is reasonable, but it is worth it. It is no exaggeration to say that Enve Components, which are different from "others", are suitable for the next stage.
The ultimate is the rear wheel. Hed 3. I'm going to explain it, but I'll stop talking too much this time.
Please see the overall diagram again. 735TR X Enve Components ¥ 635,000-
By the way, if you simulate this superma scene online! ! How! ! You can get it for 30,000 yen a month! !
Screenshot 2014-07-08 20.19.44
Please feel free to come to see it because it is decorated in a prime location in the shop! ! Ray Victor.
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