NEW KAGERO is perfect for embarking.

Kagero, a new voice as Tyrant Bikes. I will introduce it because it was custom immediately!

Tyrant Bikes Kagero /Custom bike ¥ 211.600(+Tax)

What a custom this timeAll parts 10 % OFFIt is the price! You can get on the New Kagero so great. 。 Please contact us as soon as you have only one car! Click here for the specification table ↓
flame:Tyrant Bikes Kagero Framest handle:DEDA ELEMENTI DABAR Stem: Ritchey Comp Seat post: Ritchey Com Crank set:MICHE PISTARD AIR CRANK SET wheel:MICHE PISTARD WHEEL
The aggressive and lightweight Kagero is also a set of aggressive and lightweight handle "DABAR". Probably the lightest in the bullhorn handled by BROTURES. I remember being surprised when I had it for the first time. Please contact us as we have a small amount.
The crank that hits the heart and wheels are unified with MICHE parts and tightened. This crank is also lightweight in the direct crank, and the fun of rowing is different from others. This kagero, which is customized with lightweight parts, is its weight6.9kg!! Other than the handle and the fork, it is all aluminum, but it has this weight and terrible potential. You can aim until the first half of 6kg just by changing the saddle or seat post. 。 NEW KAGERO who can enjoy various ways, how do you ride? Please contact us as you can also use a motorcycle loan.
Monthly¥18,000You can ride! ! Then we are waiting for your inquiry. ↓ Click here for inquiries ↓
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