Good hand -assembled wheels left.

The sale of the New Year was over, and many vehicles and many wheels came out. But there are still many products in the store, and above allThe in -store hand -assembling sale is ongoing. A large number went to the customer, but I still have a good number, so it still remains. Especially carbon rims can be selected. To be honest, it's sad that there are some people who thought that they would sell soon. ENVE x DT Swiss x SAPIM CX-RAY REAR WHEEL ¥145,800- →  ¥116,640
I thought this was pretty right. The rim is a 45mm height of SES3.4, using DT for the hub, and using CX-ray to assemble the spokes. Normally, ENVE SES series rims cost 120,000 by rim alone. This has a sale price,It is cheaper than the rim single price in the assembled stateIs it only me who thinks this is quite exceptional? Above all, at the moment Broture cannot do ENVE trading, it is a real ras 1 state. Well, it's still expensive, but I want people who understand the goodness to go by all means. And the sale of the sale is so much, and the wheels of customers who have been partned during the year -end and New Year holidays. Please use it as a reference in the future. Hed. Belgium Plus x PHILWOOD PROTRACK
It is a good wheel without a pure complaint. What I wanted to introduce on this blog was not a good thing for hubs and rims, but a little playfulness of this wheel.
It's a bit hard to understand,Nipplepurple Although it is specified by a customer, there are many hubs and rims with the same combination, but there are many nipples. It's unique to the hand, and I like this kind of casual commitment or playfulness. I think I like bicycles. I hope this will increase this year. STANS GRAIL MK3 x PHILWOOD
It appeared once last year, but this is a rim.
It is quite lightweight with a round and wide rim.
The hub is the front SLR and the rear is a normal flange. SLR is now rare. I like SLR the most without PHIL meat. In addition, I had a Moranbon and different wheels from the beginning of the year, but I forgot to take a picture. However, I feel that there are various interesting wheels this year. Please order by all means.
Fujimoto's horse racing prediction The previous result. Losing No, it's completely lost. It's the most interesting start out。 This week's raceNakayama 11R AJCC (G2 Then here is the forecast ↓ ↓ ↓
AJCC has not been very rough in recent years. Geneele and Fiellman are competing, but I'm a danburite. I wonder if I will no longer buy this horse here. If you win, here. The rest is Stay Inn Circle. This guy is about to come. Well, how do you win? Fuji BROTURES OSAKA 1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka 06-4391-3313
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