DOSNOVENTA in stock.

DOSNOVENTA's New model that was sold out 1st lot in an instant"LOS Angels" This time, Kichijoji made a custom bike with the last one that remained miraculously. The size is MSIZE, so be aware of around 170cm. DOSNOVENTA LOS ANGELS "Santa Monica"
Custom bike/¥ 550,000+tax The front wheel is a set of the old Ver of Hed.h3, which has already been produced.
It will be one of the first -come -first -served wins only for the popular model. Other combinations are as follows. Handle: DEDA Stem: DEDA ZERO100 Seat post: DEDA SUPER LEGGERO Saddle: Fizik Volta Crank: MICHE PISTARD AIR Front wheel: Hed.h3 Rear wheel: Hed.jet9 Santa monica introduced this time, but in addition to this color"Venice Beach"Is there.
DOSNOVENTA LOS ANGELS "Venice Beach" Frame set/¥ 149,000+tax As I mentioned at the beginning, the 1st lot is already sold out. Just be assured. The 2nd lot is now in stock, so we are currently accepting acclaimed reservations. This time, it will be in stock with a small number as before, so if you want to get it, please contact us. In addition, it is just before various lineups, so please feel free to contact us.
DOSNOVENTA TOKYO Frame Set/¥ 380,000+Tax
DOSNOVENTA DETROIT Frame Set/¥ 165,000+Tax
DOSNOVENTA BARCELONA Frame Set/¥ 200,000+Tax It seems that a lot of NEWS that looks interesting from Dosnoventa this year! We also accept consultations such as changing, so please feel free to tell us!
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