"Cinelli" can ride with confidence even f...

Hello! In today's blog, for those who want to start a piste bike in the future, or want to ride a slightly famous fixie bike. It is one I would recommend! ! The body is "TIPO", a completed car released by the famous Italian brand "CINelli"! ! Speaking of CINELLI, some people think that they only sell frames under luxury brands, but the finished car has been released. It is easier to buy even for the first time! ! I tried this "TIPO" easily today, so please refer to it! ! ・ CINELLI TIPO PISTA COMPLETE ¥ 105,000 (+tax)
This is the finished car! At first, the road handle is set, but in this custom it was changed to a riser! ! Handle Nitto for Shred ¥ 7,900 (+Tax) Grip Animal E.Delarosa Flangeress Grip ¥ 1,500 (+Tax) Stem Thomson X4 ¥ 10,000 (+Tax) ・ CINELLI TIPO CUSTOM BIKE ¥ 124,400 (+Tax)
At first glance, I tried to assemble it like a "mountain bike"! ! Since it is a frame that is originally slow, the compatibility with the riser bar is perfect! ! This TIPO is lightweight and has a very high quality for a completed car! ! If you are considering a piste bike in the future, why not put "TIPO" as an option? ? Finally, if you simulate this custom 12 times, ...
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