It comes to a casual care.

One of the big attractions of the fixes is its custom. Because it is a bicycle with few rules, the real pleasure is that you can customize it with your hobbies fully open. I prefer a bike that looks simple and looks at a casual playfulness while being simple. For example, this one. Leader Bikes 721TR COMPLETE BIKE This 721TR is positioned as an entry model but has a very beautiful shape. Pure horizontal design with top tubes parallel to the ground. A powerful but lightweight aerof lame unique to aluminum. I think it has the potential to compete with the top model. It will be easy to customize the reasonable. Handle: Nitto for Shred Bar Stem: CINELLI MASH STEM Wheel: PHILWOOD LOW FrANGE HUB (BLUE) X H+SON AT-25 And the wheels of this custom feature. The other day, I customized the hand -assembled hand -assembled wheels. At first glance, it is a simple wheel, but I tried to color it with a blue hub. Moreover, it is a rare PHILWOOD small flange color. It's really casual.
But this is really good. This kind of place stands out because it is simply assembled. Because it is casual, it comes to it when you notice it. Of course the hub of the fill is outstanding durability. It is not only cool, but one that can be dated for a long time. TOSHI
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