A large amount of used parts!

Hello The other Saturday the other day"Adult factory tour"Thank you for your gathering! If you start touching a little, you will be more attached to your love, and your bicycle life will be more fun! The first one is"Tire replacement/cog replacement"But other"How to wind the bar tape" "how to hold a chain"etc, It seems that there are many people who want to know, so we will also hold the second installment so please look forward to it. By the way, today, used parts have recently arrived, so we will introduce some of them. I think there are many people who can't go to the store, but don't worry. You can purchase from the phone, so if you have any parts you care about, call! Let's take a look. Rotor 3D Crank (BB set) ¥ 30,000 (+tax)Condition: S/No noticeable scratches
DT Swiss Track Wheel before and after ¥ 45,000 (+tax)Condition: A/No noticeable scratches
Fizik Cyrano 00 ¥ 15,000 (+tax)Condition: B/Rubbing
SUGINO ZEN 55T ¥ 12,000 (+tax)State: S/No scratches
SELLE SANMARCO CONCOR PROFIL-X ¥ 8,900 (+tax)State: S/No scratches
This is a part of this time, but some interesting things, such as parts that have already been discontinued, are also available. I hope you can visit us when you have time. Also, as I mentioned earlier, you can purchase from telephone and email. Regarding used products, it is often sold out immediately, so we recommend that you call immediately. In addition to this, the lineup of outlet hand -assembled wheels (usually 10 to 20off) is increasing!
Normally, hand -assembled wheels take about two weeks, but they are cheaper and can be taken home on that day. Perhaps there may be some combinations you want, so if you are interested, please feel free to contact us. We are waiting for you.
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