Round 7 of Kansai Cyclocross. Minato Saka...

The weather is raining. I left home before 5:00 in the morning and went to the venue. There are 6km from the station. 。 。 smile I rowed to the venue with a gear ratio of 2,1 in the rain. The test run is more firm than usual. About 1 hour and 30 minutes to start. Watching the race of C4, it was cold and stretched and started. The bib is117。firstStart in the front row.I was strangely nervous even though I didn't always do much.
After the start, he dropped in the first corner. I managed to get through while getting caught. The next corner dropped in front. Run on a miraculously dropped car body. smile I was sorry for the one who dragged.
In this course, there are two places in Shikain (where photos are carried). The corner is wet and slimy. In some places, it is completely sandbox. Honestly weak course. I'm just bad at the corner. 。 。 When various things accumulated and the first lap was over, the ranking was around 40th. After that, while passing out the players who came, they could not give the ranking at all and finished in the 30th place. It was the lowest ranking ever. Participation award is sponsored"Maeda Seika"We received "Nomaeka Data Cracker" at the participation award.
Two other places to leave this year. Is the goal going up to C2? 。
This Sakai stage had a lot of single speed ~ "CORNERBIKES Soukawa Garage" and "Sauce Cycle" with factories in Kansai I saw many people on the frame. You can also see various handmade frame brands depending on the area I think it's an interesting point of cyclocross divided in the area. Most people participated on the riser bar. Category 4 and Category 3 are OK at the riser bar. Would you like to have a bike that you can wear a little thick tires? Next is 2/3 in Katsura River, Kyoto Prefecture. I'm still in time for entry! We will always consult, so we look forward to your visit!
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