Recommendation of hand -set wheels.

A hand -set wheel with many orders recently. This time, I would like to introduce what I ordered.

BROTURES F35 CARBON CLINCHER RIM × DT Swiss Track Hub ¥ 66,700 (+tax)

This is in good shape. definitely. ・ Moderate rim hat 35mm ・ Clincher ·carbon The depth of the pocket that suits any motorcycle and the high performance as a wheel. Personally, the strongest Cospa? I think. Of course, lightness is important for carbon. If you measure it quickly, the front795g/rear960gIt was ◎ If you are looking for carbon wheels, it is a wheel that you would definitely recommend!
and! Currently, BROTURES Kichijoji is open with a lot of stock of hand group wheels. It is a hand -set wheel that usually takes about 1-2 weeks, but now you can take it home on the day you want! !
H Plus Son HYDRA × SUZUE PRO MAX F/¥ 22,500 (+tax) R/¥ 23,500 (+tax)
H Plus Son SL-42 × PHIL WOOD × BROTURES TRACK HUB F/¥ 50,800 (+tax) R/¥ 53,800 (+tax) There are still more, so you may find the wheel you want? Of course, we accept orders, so please contact us. Sample example DT-SWISS RR511 × RAKETA POLISH 32H Front
We look forward to your inquiry.
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