If you ride, an easy bicycle is good.

Hello. TIPO PISTA is positioned as an entry model from Cinelli. This frame, which is a weak sloping design that emphasizes city riding more than banks, is ideal for long rides because the riding position is easier. Rather than deciding on a cycle jersey, it's like going to see the scenery with plain clothes. Recently, the number of customers who want to ride long rides at single speed is increasing.


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Stem:Thomson Elite X4 STEM Brake: Cane Creek Drop v Wheel: H Plus Son AT-25 Archetype RIM x PHILWOOD High Flange Track Hub Custom Wheel
The brake has been changed to bracket to get on easier.
The legs are hand -set wheels, and the hubs have been easier to PHIL WOOD and maintenance.
Anyway, if you ride, everything is easier. TIPO PISTA is a motorcycle that answers such requests. Contact us from here.
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