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We are waiting for you! ! Arrived at YOKOHAMA store, pioneer in the direct crank world. A piste crank that is handled by the US leading motorcycle component company "SRAM/Slam".
SRAM OMNIUM CRANKSET ¥ 31,400 (+tax) It was a classic crank custom, and it was out of stock for a while. Please pardon. A year ago, if you say a direct crank of the fixie, you can choose OMIUM. It is a direct crank, which is no longer rare among the fixes bikes, but this OMNIUM !! The cut shaft with the spline is hollow, high rigid and lighter. And the outboard type BB is adopted and compared to the conventional square taper type There are few deflections and twist, and the "guigui feeling" when you step on it has increased significantly. Feeling that the power turns directly into propulsion. A slightly more affordable price than SUGINO, ROTOR, MICHE. You can turn the floating amount to other parts such as a cog, or customize the chain ring and BB ◎.
PHILWOOD OUTBOARD BB ¥ 19,800 (+Tax) PHIL's BB is especially the best. I don't say that the genuine product is bad, but once you use it, you'll be addicted! ! If you customize the BB from the beginning, it will be replaced later Please refer to this area as it can be replaced! ! If you have any problems with crank custom, we recommend this first! ! After all, those that are loved for a long time have some goodness. YOSHIE
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