Piste bike lightest! ? Tyrant Bikes Kagero

I want to make a lightweight motorcycle. If you are told, Kagero first comes up. Isn't it a model that is becoming synonymous with a lightweight fixie bike frame? This time, because it is a lightweight frame, I tried to assemble it with the weight. I will put the simulation of 12 payments each! Tyrant Bikes Kagero Frame Set ¥ 120,000 (+tax)
Tyrant Bikes Kagero Complete Bike ¥ 205,000 + Tax)
The weight in the photo is 6.4kg !! There is still room for lighter cranks, saddles, tires, etc. Isn't it possible to aim for 6kg flat?
This time, I set the carbon wheel before and after, but thanks to this, it is quite lightweight. I think it is one of the reasons for finishing. 20%OFF of hand -assembled wheels is still ongoing, so Please take this opportunity at a great price. F35 X PHILWOOD X SAPIM CX-RAY \87,450-→ ¥ 69,960- (+tax)
F35 X PHILWOOD SLR France x Sapim CX-ray \84,450-→ ¥ 67,560- (+tax)
Isn't it a wheel that can't complain? I think the hub will be dating for a lifetime. Please ask Fujimoto for details. smile This time, I chose the carbon for stem and handle. ZIPP SL Speed ​​Stem ¥ 32,100- (+Tax)
ZIPP SL SPEED SEAT POST ¥ 32,100- (+Tax)
Please buy this ZIPP part that is hard to sell. We have been in stock for a long time. smile Only the big parts were simulated for installments, Please feel free to call us for small parts. Yuki BROTURES OSAKA 1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka 06-4391-3313 osaka@brotures.com
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