Works well and play well.

I think the good thing about the piste bike is that the situation to use is very free. You can play with a little trick from daily reeds such as commuting and school, and enjoy customs that match your lifestyle. Today, I tried to play one that I could play especially.
Cartel Bikes Avenue Lo A popular curtain bike for reasonable price and simple looks. This time, I chose an Avenue Low, which features a frame on the front down. The up -by -ized two -piece MTB handle has a comfortable posture and is easy to trick ◎ I don't want that much speed and I want to ride casually! Please try it. And the wheels are hand -assembled wheels using unusual color rims! The slender frame has a refreshing thin rim, but it doesn't taste like it. If you build a slightly unique wheel, the impression will change dramatically and it will be interesting. Handle: Grunge Intercector Bar Wheel: Ambrossio Evolution × Cycorc Small Hub Tire: Vittoria Randnneur Tech Saddle: SELLE ITALIA FLITE 1990 WOVEN Tires are tough anyway if you usually balance your use and play. Landner is the original high durable tire. There is no sense of security that is better than a skid! The saddle also uses WOVEN of the masterpiece "Flight". "WOVEN MICROFEEL" is a model that uses a new material like a coarse cotton canvas. The chemical fibers are pressed, so they specialize in durability and water resistance, which are also suitable for everyday use. This time, I put it in a custom that I can play this time. Even with the same frame, it is so different if you assemble it according to your lifestyle. The lifestyle is ten colors. Then the custom is ten people. Please contact us by all means. TOSHI
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