THE "HED" Custom!

Good evening! It was a pretty nice weather today with a crack! Be careful about heat stroke because it is hot. Make sure to hydrate! On a sunny day like today Would you like to ride a cool custom bike? A custom bike with "HED" that has an impact on such people I would like to introduce it!
LEADERBIKES 735TR HED CUSTOM BIKE ¥ 530,000- (+Tax) How about that? HED H3 Carbon Baton Wheel ¥ 140,000- (+Tax)of By letting both the front and rear wear it Not to mention the coolness of the appearance, It is a custom bike full of luxury. 3 baton wheels that everyone longs for! Originally, decals on the market It's WHITE.
White decal is BLACK by plus $ 16,000 It is possible to change to decal. (6 decals) but, The HED decals handled by BROTURES OSAKA Originally Black, the price is 14,000-. It is easy to match any frame by making Black Recommended for those who want to make it look simple! Unlike WHITE, there is no discomfort of the feeling seen during the wheel rotation You can get a cool shade when you ride, It is a wheel that combines fashion and coolness. If you want to confirm the good performance, check here! On a sunny day like today Do this kind of custom Would you like to enjoy the ride?
Even if it's not a reasonable price Brotures OSAKA has a payment method called Jack Slone. By the way, here is the simulation when you use Jack Slone 24 times (1 year).
Screenshot 2014-07-12 18.55.25
We are waiting for you tomorrow at BROTURES OSAKA! U-KI.
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