VIGORELLI custom is very active on long r...

The custom introduced today is this!

CINELLI VIGORELLI STEEL 2019 Custom Bike ¥ 283,500 (+tax)

This frame is the answer that I remembered which would look like the best if you put the bracket lever. A material called steel for a weak geometry that is easy to win even with long ride. Personally, if you get a long distance, you will definitely choose this frame. Click here for details on this custom parts ↓
Stem:Thomson Elite X4 STEM Bracket lever: Cane Creek V Drop Brake caliper: sram red crank:SRAM OMNIUM CRANKSET BB:SRAM BLACK BOX BB F Wheel:BROTURES SHRED60 CARBON WHEEL R Wheel: H Plus Son The Hydra x Suzue Pro Max
There are two points for this custom. First, the first.

SRAM RED brake caliper ¥ 10,000 (+tax)

SRAM is known for its famous crank "Omnium" in the fixie, but in Road MTB, it is the largest maker of the world market share lined up in Shimano/Campagnolo. The RED used this time is one of the top components of SRAM, It is the same grade as Dura-Ace in Shimano. And the second is here
SRAM BLACK BOX BB This is the highest peak of SRAM for the BB, the heart of the driveline. The important thing is this custom, which is unified with SRAM. I do not know at a glance because I customized parts that I usually overlook, but if you look closely, the finish is elaborate. How about a custom you like? Click here for this custom loan simulation ↓
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