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This blog, but there are a lot of sentences. If you are not good at reading characters, please understand in advance. 。 。 smile
I want to make a light motorcycle. Then, first of all, as an option Aluminum or carbon, or titanium? There is also an option for scandium if it is unusual. In any case, it may be expensive or lighter. Bicycles are not just lightly light. Of course, the vehicle body weight affects the lightness of rowing to the linear. If you make it lighter with carbon, it will be too hard and you will immediately get on your legs. Even aluminum is the same. Basically hard. As for aluminum, metal fatigue causes a lot of life depending on how you ride. So I will introduce this time"iron"STEELIt is a material called. ・ Frame CINELLI VIGORELLI TRACK STEEL ¥ 105,000 (+tax) ・ CINELLI VIGORELLI TRACK STEEL COMPLETE ¥ 205,000 ~ (+tax)
Iron is honest and not light. But recent trend? So, with a full carbon fork on the iron frame Light as possible. To Lacy. The flow of feeling is both in the road bike industry or a fixie bike. The weight is heavy, but the rowing is light. Iron is different from aluminum.Rather than sayingStick toIt may be better to express. In fact, iron frame is rowed without a certain load. Metal fatigue hardly causes.If you take care of it, it's a living thing. Old old mamachari. It is iron that is still used for business cars that are used in newspaper delivery. Don't you think it's wonderful? I'm thinking of buying a better iron frame if I grow up.
That's why it is one of the frames that is very recommended for the frame that is in stock in the Osaka store. Please buy everyone because it is not easy to sell. Lol If you want to hear the story in detail, please contact Yuki.
VIGORELLI STEELOnDirect crankI think the combination of is good. The frame is done and the crank is hard. It is a good balance. As a matter of fact, I am also plunging omnium into Mash Work. Crank MICHE PISTARD 2,0 ¥ 29,500 (+Tax)
This time, a carbon wheel is set before and after. Leader Bikes L44 Front WHEEL ¥ 45,000 (+Tax Leader Bikes L44 Rear Wheel ¥ 50,000 (+tax)
A normal L44 is set on the front. The rear chooses the L44 replaced with the Dura Ace hub. It is a recommended one for those who want to stick to running and rotation. Leader Bikes L44 X Dura Ace HB-7600 ¥ 67,800- (+Tax)
Handles and stem are also in Thomson. Thomson Carbon Drop ¥ 30,000- (+Tax)
Thomson X4 STEM ¥ 10,000- (+Tax)
This custom looks a bit sober, but I tried to run it. If you can consult with yourself (YUKI), you will be serving customers for a long time. We look forward to your visit. smile Finally, I will put the frame set and the division simulation of the completed car ~ ・ CINELLI VIGORELLI STEEL frame set ¥ 105,000- (+tax)
・ CINELLI VIGORELLI STEEL completed car ¥ 205,000 ~ (+tax)
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