Parts arrival information! Arecole that w...

The parts have arrived in a long time today! For the time being, we introduce consumables such as pedals, tires and chains.
First from the pedal. A product that was sold out immediately after arriving last time. The price is cheap and BMX, so the strength is perfect! Demolution TROOPER NYLON PEDAL ¥ 2,500-
And one of the more. Because it is an MTB brand, both strength and rotation performance are perfect. The rowing comfort changes because the step surface is wide. Anyway, the color is really good. I will put a little price, but if you fall in love at first sight, please buy it. DMR Vault Pedal Lacon V2 ¥ 21,000- (+Tax)
This pedal has changed a little, and the shaft and the step surface are different parts, and they are worn out. You can get tired of the color or just change the tread when you want to break. Since the shaft is at the top, the life is long. Animal B.P.E PC Pedal ¥ 5,700- (+Tax)

I bought a luxury tires for the first time in a long time. Vittoria Corsa ¥ 7,800- (+Tax)
It is from ¥ 3,200- if it is cheap in the Osaka store. The price is more than doubled, The ride comfort changes drastically. Even those who are not severe should be able to experience it. I think that the fancy feeling is good because there is a side skin development. Tires are good or bad, so we will consult. I put it together here.

The last is a chain.
Is there a chain of about 1,500 yen for IZUMI? I'm sometimes asked, Of course, it can be used as a product without any problems, and I think cospa is the strongest. However, when rowing, it is a slightly noisy impression. If you are quiet, we recommend the HKK black area at least! HKK Vertex Black ¥ 3,200- (+Tax) HKK Vertex Silver ¥ 5,500- (+Tax)
If the color is good, it will be a little expensive, but this is also a place. The coating is also performed, so the raccoon sounds will be relatively quiet. IZUMI V Super Toughness ¥ 6,500- (+Tax)
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