There is only one KORYYORK.

An attractive frame with an original triangle tube"Mark T" A carbon fork is attached to the aluminum frame of the reverse slope, but this time it is a special specification and it is a custom offer.
KORY YORK MARK-T Custom Bike/¥ 285,000 + TAX Frame set/¥ 150,000 →¥ 135,000 + TAX Russian lightweight truck hubs on the front and rear wheels"Raketa"and"DT Swiss RR511"Set a hand -set wheel that is aligned with the combination of.
Raketa × DT Swiss RR511 SET/¥ 65,000 + TAX And I saw SUGINO 75 in the driving part of the crank, and this time the chain ring was also seen with Sugino.
USED/SUGINO 75 Crankset ¥ 23,000 + TAX * Price only for cranks and BB If you match it with the same brand, it is said that it fits well, is it beautiful? The good thing about 75 cranks is BB and chain rings are sold separately. You can arrange it with the same manufacturer like this time, or if you have the chain ring you have now, I think you can set it. Other specifications are as follows. ----------------------------------- Frame: Kory York Mark-T Handle: DEDA ZERO100 Stem: DEDA PISTA Seat post: DEDA DRITTISSIMO Saddle: Fizik KURVE Crank: Sugino 75 Crank Chain Ring: Sugino SSG144 Front wheel: RAKETA × DT Swiss RR511 Rear Wheel: Raketa x DT Swiss RR511 ----------------------------------- It is KORY YORK, which is a hot topic, but now you can ride immediately for one person only. February "Free interest rate"Bike loan is continuing, so please feel free to tell the staff when using it. Then, thank you for BROTURES Kichijoji !! BROTURES Kichijoji (Outlet) 0422-27-6155 ↓ Click here for inquiries ↓
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