Are you tired of your chari? ?

Today is a custom introduction of Leader Bikes 735TR! ! Install LEADER BIKES original carbon wheels on both front and rear !! I tried to make it look fast and cool.
LEADER BIKES 753TR COMPLETE ¥ 185,000 ( + tax) I think that it is also possible to attack Dawn and the royal road with front and rear SHRED88 to 735TR. But I would like to recommend it to a heavenly evil expert who does not want to go on the royal road! !
LEADRE BIKES L44 CARBONN WHEEL Front ¥ 45,000 ( + tax)/Rear ¥ 50,000 ( + tax) Rim height, now trendy wide rim, double -batted blade spoke. At this price, this specification cannot be achieved easily! ! Compared to carbon diprims and baton wheels The impact of the appearance is inferior, but the specifications are not lost! ! Anyway, it's a high cost performance! ! And this is also today's title. Are you tired of your chari? ? This trouble faces when you are riding for a while. You can customize it. But after a while, it will be unsatisfactory! !
GIZA CAMO Bar Tape ¥ 1,800 ( + Tax) Bar tape is what I want to propose for such people. Recommended because you can change the image of the body suddenly and change the image of the body! ! I don't want to customize it. It is a custom that I want you to try if you are tired of it. After all, the tension of new things will rise and you will want to ride! ! If it's cold and it's alienated as a bicycle, custom is also recommended. YOSHIE
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