A bicycle class taught by professionals! !

Good evening everyone. It was raining today. It seems to recover on Wednesday! yeah? Wednesday? I feel like there was an event. 。 。 By the way, what I would like to introduce today 「Fixed Bike School
As the name suggests, it becomes a school. Bicycle class? ? No, I'm not an elementary school student so I can ride! What? 。 。 What you can learn with this school is how to ride a cool way to ride! ! You can mainly learn "tricks". Even if you say tricks, it's not a super advanced thing like flying in the air. 「Standing"or"Skid" How to ride a cool fixie bike It is a useful skill to have. http://vimeo.com/47030561 This video is from Dosnoventa Do you long for cool riders in Movie? Professional trick riders will tell you this technique. The first one is Wednesday on the 16th. As I mentioned earlier, the content "Standing" and "skid" are the center. In addition, they will also teach you "back circle" and "wheelie" at any time, so please join us! ! Is it a high tuition because it is such a deep school. 。 。 No! Free! yes. It will tell you for free. If you have time, please join us! The venue is "Namba River Place" First Saturdayand,Third WednesdayWill be held. And that!
Sponsored by the school teachers this time Fixed bike trick contest in Osaka September 6thOnIt is also held at "Namba River Place". You can see the great skill, so please come here too! ! This school was different from glue pride I think you can experience "encounter", "experience" and "play". We look forward to your participation. Bandai
1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi Ward, Osaka City MAP
12:00-19:00 (no regular holidays)