If you notice, you are always on Leader (...

Every time, it is Narumi from the Osaka store. I can't deny a little kincho on a blog that has been too long for a long time. Under the title, we will deliver a blog that has been divided into three times. "Yes, if you notice, I'm always on Leader." There is no explanation as the title as it is, but this is what I will talk about. Please take a leisurely tea time, a beer, or a commercial I'm glad if you read it. Let's start.

Among the members of BROTURES Although I have a title that seems to be a mechanic chief, It's not the case that I've been involved in a piste bike for decades. Whatever a fixer history is not long. Ayum -kun, who has been tricking on a fixie for over 10 years, Compared to Junki, which I have been riding since I met as a high school student Its history is about half.
I'm not getting older enough to talk, I think I came across a fixie bike about 25 years old. Occasionally it is written on someone's blog, but at that time I was an apprentice at a motorcycle shop. There were many twists and turns, and the bicycle division of the company rose, The history of me and my bicycle begins when I was in charge of the shop at the bottom. First of all, by building a store, dismantling, cleaning, painting, wiring, woodworking, etc. I went to the motorcycle shop and thought that it would be a bicycle shop, first from the interior shop. smile It was my first experience in my life, but my idea is to do anything myself. I think it is now an experience at this time.
By the way, the store is Mamachari to road bikes, MTB, cross, BMX, fixes, It was an all -genre shop that undertaken from painting to processing to everything. For me who doesn't even know how to play with bicycles, The teacher given by the president at that time was three DVDs. "Look at this, thank you for your cooperation." I think it's the first and last to watch a DVD while taking a note in my life.
(Certainly this DVD, MTB assembly, wheel -based masters) Based on that knowledge, customer service and work at actual stores, I read the catalog from one end, and also overlooked the website of the store that was random. In addition, something like a bicycle knowledge unique to a custom bike shop has been added. I feel that it is the basis of my mechanic. Under such circumstances, one of the seniors of a motorcycle shop In the "Proton's NJS Frame", it is a Tsuwamono that runs 30km one way H3 on the front wheels and 42mm polish rims in the rear wheels. The gear ratio exceeds 3, and at the intersection, I returned while skiding due to signal ignoring, etc. Please lend me a MASH -baked DVD "Who was ridiculous?" The excitement of the story was nothing but the moment when I and the piste culture were connected. "Who is cool on Mash DVD?"That was one of the topics instead of greetings. I think the most popular was "Massan". A big black man skips the street with a black aerof lame, The appearance of skids like a wall like a wall without floating the buttocks seemed to be a different creature.
Massan ... from John Smith ON Vimeo., BGM is also cool) The "Andy" at the beginning is also popular. This is also impressive that the big white people are squeezing the tip of the bullhorn. The white spin wheels on the front were very cool. Meanwhile, the man who looked in my eyes was neither MASSAN nor Andy.
"Emi Brown"
It can be said that this small bearded uncle dragged me into the fix. H3 full of stickers, matte black Leader, Put your hand in the middle of the track handle, stretch your back, sit down, If the speed is amazing, it runs even at a distance, and the middle skid to the left and right like a model.
I think at that time. "First of all, this Leader will ride on the guy." -Continue. 763 (NARUMI) BROTURES OSAKA 1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka 06-4391-3313 osaka@brotures.com
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