Cyclo -cross report. Katsura River stage

The final round for the Kansai cyclocross. Chiaki music. The weather on the dayCloudy and then rainy.This time, the race is from the front row. I want to be promoted by better. I challenged with a lot of enthusiasm. ParticipatingCategory 3. Convocation starts as usual. After all, I'm nervous for some reason. Kusakayan is always on the far right. I am the third from the right.
The race starts on time. The pedal catches one shot without being delayed with a good don. The cleats were also addicted. I feel the most decided this season.
However, this course is a slightly longer straight at the same time as the start. There is no merit of a single. smile However, there are no players who are lucky and do not step on like a stupid, and keep the fourth place in the start. At any time, when you are so far. The race is the third week, the remaining two weeks. Still keeping 4th place. Maybe you can go today? Thank you if you think and follow the previous person A little while ago, I wasn't getting involved and I was 3rd place。 Those who dropped out are going away from there. lucky The second -place person is away from the first corner, so from here on a single trip. smile
Enter the final lap while keeping third place. After all, the person who has accumulated his legs can step here. I left myself as it was unusual, so I stepped on the last episode. Two people were packed up to the back just before the goal, about one corner difference, but the goal was as it was. 3 seconds difference from 4th place. If I made a mistake somewhere once, I was pulled out. I'm 3rd place, but I'm glad I won! the next isCategory 2is. The goal is Category 1. This is the fastest class. It's still far away. 。 。

Actually, I purchased the parts that were a little motivated this time. smile Profile Racing Chain Tensioners ¥ 4,200- (+Tax)
Since the adjustment of the V brake was severe, I was able to shorten the time quite a bit. It looks cool, and there are few people wearing it, so I am very satisfied personally. The wheels that have been newly tone this season have been working hard because they have a flare and the brake surface is full of scratches. When the season is over, use pounding with fixed gear normally. Please contact us if you are interested, as the wheels for cyclo can only be used only with cyclo. First, let's go to cyclocross together lol Easton R90 SL RIM ¥ 20,000- (+Tax)

In this course, there are still stairs and sections, and galleries gather there. smile
Horibe -kun, who went with me, was fascinated.
Let's ride without once! If you say that, it is a plan. Pay attention to the audience. It was a nice reaction. smile
Of course, this frame can be purchased at the Osaka store! CINELLI TUTTO COMPLETE ¥ 125,000- (+Tax) Frame Set ¥ 90,000- (+Tax)
Tutto is a frame that makes custom fun, so we look forward to your consultation! Of course, consultation on cyclocross and driving system! If you are worried, please contact Yuki. Yuki BROTURES OSAKA 1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka 06-4391-3313
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