The piste bike

Today is a custom introduction of Tyrant Bikes Kagero! ! Kagero, which boasts the lightest, is luxuriously used with carbon parts Finished with a very lightweight one! !
Tyrant Bikes Kagero Frameshet ¥ 120,000 ( + tax)/Complete ¥ 205,000 ( + Tax) Kagero is located at the high end of BROTURES! ! A full carbon fork is installed in a standard state !! There is no doubt that the lightness of the frame will be surprised.
The seat tube is applied to the tube, Get a more compact rear triangle for a quick and sharp ride! ! For the crank, a direct crank pioneer SRAM OMNIUM! !
SRAM OMNIUM CRAN SET ¥ 31,400 ( + tax) A year ago, if you say a direct crank of the fixie, you can choose OMIUM. It is a direct crank, which is no longer rare among the fixes bikes, but this OMNIUM !! Its popularity is still alive. After all it is in good shape! ! Install BROTURES original carbon diprim on the wheel.
BROTURES SHRED88 CARBON WHEEL Front ¥ 55,000/¥ 59,000 ( + tax) When you start to get hooked on the fix, many people long for deep rims! After all, the looks and presence unique to the pisto are attracted somewhere. In carbon wheels, it tends to be out of cospa and is out of stock. Not only the appearance, but also its ride is trusted by overseas riders! Choose DEDA DABAR for the handle! !
DEDA DABAR ¥ 24,000 ( + tax) The lightweight of the Lux and carbon unique to the piste is addictive! ! The carbon handle absorbs slight vibration, so the ride is excellent. It is a good handle that is cool and easy to run! ! I tried to make the most of the kagero's pashute and make it an aggressive look! ! Kagero looks good on a simple way of assembling a fixing bike. YOSHIE
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