This is "theory". Dosnoventa x Hed Wheels

HowThe front and rear set of the HED JET6 truck specifications arrived at the Osaka store in a hurry. In the past, 763 explains in an easy -to -understand manner, so please take a glance.
Where is the fixie bike brand that looks good on HED? The first thing that comes to mind is DosnoventaIsn't it? I think so. smile HED for DOSNOVENTA, crank is Rotor。 This isTHEORY。 You have a probability that you can say that.
Jet6 Plus Black Front ¥ 135,000 (+tax)
Jet6 Plus Black Rear ¥ 150,000 (+tax)
This time, installed on Losangeles. DOSNOVENTA LOS Angeles Frame Set ¥ 149,000 ( + Tax) DOSNOBENTA LOS ANGELES COMPLETE ¥ 249,000 ~ (+tax)
Well, it feels like that. There is no reason not to be cool. It is unconditionally cool. The handle, stem, and seat post are not missed. Thomson Carbon Dorop ¥ 30,000- (+Tax)
Thomson X4 STEM ¥ 10,000- (+Tax)
Thomson Masterpiece SearchPost ¥ 16,000- (+Tax)
By the way, the total amount is the custom this time¥ 591,740- (+tax) It looks like this if you pay in interest rate. For reference.
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