If it is used! About NJS frame.

Today's Tokyo is raining. Such a day is relatively vacant in the store, so you can slowly consult about maintenance and custom ◎.

At the Kichijoji store, we also handle used frames, so there are NJS frames in addition to Leaderbike and Cinelli. So today, I think it's a bit of a story about "NJS".

"NJS" This mark is often engraved on NITTO parts and chromoly frames made in Japan. N (Japan) J (Bicycle) S (Promotion Association) is an abbreviation. In bicycle racing, only parts made according to the strict standard of NJS are allowed to be used. Since the parts that can be used are very small, there is no difference between fraud or parts. The NJS frame is a frame with excellent accuracy and strength created according to the NJS standard. Naturally, all Japanese craftsmen are making them and the popularity from overseas is high. A high quality chromoly frame is said to be a lifetime thing if you take care of it. NJS frames that are all made to order are different one by one. It may be interesting to look at geometry.
Click here for the NJS frame currently at the store.

3rensho Frame Set ¥ 108,000 (+tax)

3rensho is worldwide and its finish is really beautiful. Depending on the condition, the used market price often exceeds 200,000. I am very happy that the frame size M is M! Try the finest ride comfort.

With Level Frame Set BB+SeatPost ¥ 48,600 (+tax)

LEVEL, which has a workshop in Arakawa -ku, Tokyo, is a manufacturer that has been making bicycles for over 70 years. In 2013, at the handmade builder contest "Nahbs" to be held in the United States Won the Best Pist Award and Chairman Award. Proof of quality high ◎ This is also M size, so please contact us as soon as you want!

Presto Frame Set ¥ 59,400 (+tax)

Presto, which is still making in Tottori City, Tottori Prefecture, is in the 2016 bicycle race final It is a builder that is so popular and powerful that nearly half a player straddled. This frame, which has a beautiful frame color and a beautiful lamedecar, is actually cooler! In addition to this, we are still in frame stock, so I want you to visit the store and see it. This month, we have been buying and replacing it, so why not try the NJS frame at this opportunity? For more information, check the blog below ↓

Purchase & change reinforcement this month! ! Want to make a new bicycle in the new season?

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