A smart guy who protects the pisto rider's ass with a gag -like catchphrase from sudden rain. The name "Ass Savers" is restocked in full color! ! ! It is not unusual to encounter a sudden rain when riding a bicycle every day by commuting or commuting. 。 。 It's not raining, but when the rainwater that had fallen a while ago remains on the ground If it is a bicycle without a fender (mudguard), if you notice it, your ass will be bissori. If it is white T ....
It will be ... At that time, this small giant is useful! !
Super stylish mudguard of Perappella! !

ASS Savers

Installation is very easy!

Just insert between the saddle rails up to half of the main unit.

Vibration can be slightly off, but I don't think it will fall off.

However, I think that the difference in the fixing force is different depending on the clearance of the saddle rail.

Well, this is thin, so you can respond to most saddles! Points to note here. There are some saddles that do not fit neatly if the width of the saddle rail is large, or if there is no gap under the saddle (with the yagura). Fizi; K's curve was tough ...
Also, the good thing about this mud gesture is that it can be folded again! You can do it as needed, so if you equip it when the clouds are suspicious, OK!

It looks like, weight, and no problem!

Only 18G! ! ! Oh, light! ! And the material is polypropylene. It is a material used for plastic bottle caps, but is characterized by hard, resistant to friction, and shock strength. Approximately 65 % of production is made from recycled poly propylene, and the goal is to set 100 %.。 It is a brand that is naturally kind to nature that thinks about the environment.
There are all colors in the Osaka store, so please purchase it. Ray Victor.
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