Lots of new arrival! What is the hot KNOG...

Hello. Today we have a lot of arrivals including new works from KNOG. First of all, this guy!

Knog Fang ¥ 3,700 (+tax)

You said you wanted the moment you saw it. It looks cool! At first glance, it looks like I don't know anything,Multi -toolIt will be. A compact and squid form Fang18 functionsExcellent things that have. This size seems to be convenient for the tire lever up to the 6th corner ◎ Click here for the tool type you are interested in.

Magnet replacement type bit x 4 (hexagon wrench 4, 5, 6mm, plus driver) Bit magnet type socket Bolt wrench x 6 sizes: 14, 13, 11, 10, 8.5mm tire lever x 2 Box cutter Bottle opener High -torque socket MM unit scale 6.3cm ruler Elastomer lock
This is also the long -awaited arrival!

Knog OI LUXE BICYCLE BELL ¥ 4,620 (+tax)

OI was a completely different shape from the conventional bell, and it sold quickly. The size that does not disturb the handle and the luxury overflowing is cool ◎ This time, it has arrived a lot, so if you are looking for it, please buy it as soon as possible.
Next is the light. The important thing about light is the output of light.The unit is lumen。 This indicates the amount of light. One lumen is a brightness that allows you to check the light of candlestick 1 meter away.
Released from KnogBallinger Mob。 The output of this light80 lumenand, It has enough light to drive at night in towns and residential areas.

PWR Mountain ¥ 24,200 (+tax)

The latest work of "PWR"! Modular type L size.Ultra -large LED light head and 10,000mAh power bank (battery)And a model with a mount set. Not only is it just high power bicycle light, but also a power bank functions as a mobile battery that charges devices such as smartphones and cycle computers. It's anxious light, but ...

2,000 lumen! ! !

It will be grinning without thinking of the difference in the digit. Is 25 BLINGER one? Well. It's not really such a simple story, but there is a difference in brightness. In this case, the dark mountain road is also messy, and if the battery of the smartphone runs out, it is safe! Up to 10,000Ah can be fully charged 5 times ◎ This is definitely an essential item when going out! ! Speaking of outing, it is a personal matter, but I will leave for Osaka next week (Monday). I'm from the countryside of Shizuoka, so I know the darkness of the mountain road at night, so I'm going to take care of this light after reviewing it!

There are many other products in stock, so please visit the store.

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