I'm going to do a hand -based wheel cours...

Hand -assembled wheel course」 Date: 2/23 Saturday Time: 12: 30 ~ Location: Brotures OSAKA Visitors benefits For more information, please read the blog below.

Occasionally held at BROTURES Yokohama and Kichijoji stores"Adult factory tour" It's a place to show and explain our work to you,I'll try this at the Osaka store。 What kind of work you are interested in and what do you want to know? What do you want to see? Well, I don't know, but even Instagram that I do every week, I sometimes say that it is listed in wheel -based videos, so I will try it at the store. I always write the wheel blog in this wayI (Fujimoto) is in charge this timeI will do it. First, the schedule,2/23 (Sat) 12:30 ~... is my plans. Until the hand assembly wheel is completedI guess it's like that. To put it simply, it is to assemble the wheel set with explanation. How about the kind of spoke, the nipple is like this, and there's something like this. I will think about the content of the talk on the day. If you want to assemble yourself, please come. But most of these events do not gather people. Experience. I don't think many people will gather. I'm even worried about why I'm not coming. If I didn't come, I wouldn't come, so I would come up with the wheel as usual. However, I wondered if I could do this at the Osaka store. first,Thank you for coming to the participants.Gift decals or stickers related to wheelsTo do. Sapim, Paul, Phil, DT Swiss, etc. And when you take a wheel course, you have a new wheel,Give it to the day without the wage of the wheelI will do it. * I usually get a week at least for about a week. By the way, the wheel composition wage is usually ¥ 3,000. I don't have to assemble manyLimited personThank you. I will introduce the parts of the wheels to be assembled in the future, but please tell me as soon as you want. Because only one person is impossible. The parts configuration of the wheels to be assembled at that time, H Plus Son AT-25 × Paul Track Hub BK Front: ¥ 37,800- →¥34,800- Rear: ¥ 41,800 →¥38,800- I will go with this combination. The rim is a classic hand assemblyAT-25
We have two colors, polished or black, so please choose. HubPaul Track Hub
PHIL has been introduced too much in various places and has diminished, but don't forget this high -quality hub for the same USA. From the beginning, the flange is removed, and the bearing is the highest quality bearing"Enduro"It is a good hub that is used. I'm sorry, but the hub color is only black. I am preparing at the front and rear. Please specify your favorite person. And spoke.
This is a general#14 (2.0mm) plain spoke. However, it is okay to choose from two types of colors, silver and black. Is it like this? If you want this combination, please contact us. Then, please order the rim and spokes with your favorite color as you write above. It may be quite fresh to make the wheels you ordered in front of you. In this wheel course, only the front or rear is assembled, but if you want the front and rear sets, please tell me. This time, but after the wheel course is over, we will make the other and hand it over that day. I will get some time, but please be patient. Well, I'm thinking of trying it like this, so if you don't need the wheels introduced, please come if you are interested in the wheel set. I think I should be able to do something. Then, we look forward to your order and visit.
Fujimoto's horse racing prediction The previous result. Losing I was seriously thinking about pulling out of horse racing. There is no refund zero. But if you want to quit, you want to quit. This is a bog. This week's raceTokyo 11R February S (G1 Then here is the forecast ↓ ↓ ↓
I came. The first G1 this year. Inti already. I want to buy a win because I want to refund. Well, there is a sense of myself who is expecting Yuranoto. Fuji BROTURES OSAKA 1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka 06-4391-3313 osaka@brotures.com
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