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I often use the word "extraordinary" when I recommend a fix. I have written some articles about it on my blog. https://brotures.com/100761 That's not all. Recently, I have increased what I think. It's more realistic, but I want to leave my favorite pist. I was pursuing such a motorcycle unconsciously. A fabric that blends in my life without any discomfort. A fixie that expands everyday life, rather than enjoying extraordinary life. I tried to assemble one with such a theme. KORY YORK K2 It was unlikely, but I miss it somewhere. Nostalgic even though it is avant -garde and novel. KORY YORK is a brand that expresses such contradictions without discomfort. https://brotures.com/blogs/store-blog/117331 It is moderately practical, and is more beautiful than anything else, leaving a fixie identity. Recently, the race scene is getting excited, and I often see aspects of sports. But running fast is not a bicycle, and I am here because of my lifestyle and culture. That's why I love the easy -to -style custom with a large basket on the commuter handle. I actually used the same handle.
Nitto B354 HERON BAR ¥ 4,900 (+Tax) Wald 139 Basket ¥ 5,000 (+tax) Others feel like I packed the parts I like. My favorite is Stem. This is by far the best and cool in the current quill stem.
Fairweather CR79 Fillet Stem ¥ 12,000 (+Tax) In a world where the word diversity is permeating, the right Japanese temperament can be seen strongly. It is not a bad thing to yearn for someone's style, and there is a world that spreads by accepting someone's opinion. But after all, it's the most important thing to choose, and know what you like. Thankfully, the piste is a motorcycle that accepts various styles. You will surely be able to shape your important "like". TOSHI
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