"T3", which has been missing for a long t...

The wheels that have been missing for a long time are restocked! BROTURES SHRED T3 ¥ 90,000 ~ (+tax)
Since it arrives only a few times a year, some customers are waiting for you. If you are worried, please come to buy while you have stock! The wheels can be installed in installments, so we will put the simulation!

It is Teppan, but I installed it on 735TR! Leader Bikes 735TR Custom ¥ 325,000- (+Tax)
T3 on the front, SHRED88 on the rear. It may be a combination that is tired, but it still seems cool. Genuine wheels"Front ¥ 8,000-/rear ¥ 9,000-"You can trade in! You can do the wheel custom a little. The handle has been summarized in an aggressive feeling with a track drop! Leader Bikes Down Town Drop ¥ 8,000- (+Tax)
This handle will also be contacted for a while. Please come to Misami because it is a little stock. Finally, the split simulation of the custom completed car is posted, so it is for reference only.
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