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Today we are introducing a refreshing representative CINELLI GAZZETTA's custom bike. Gazzetta, located in the entry model of Cinelli, is a chromoly frame featuring a slender and classical atmosphere. The color is a refreshing combination of Beyond Blue and White that makes you feel a sense! !
CINELLIGAZZETTA Frame Set ¥ 60,000 (+Tax)/Complete Bikes ¥ 60,000 (+tax) This time, choose GAZZETTA, a relatively easy -to -hand price range! Gazzetta is often assembled in classical, This time, all parts were black together and finished with a calm impression.
Velocity Deep V Rim x Paul Large Flange Hub Custom Wheel Front ¥ 36,800 (+tax)/Rear ¥ 39,800 (+tax) This custom wheel is a good one that was assembled with Velocity Deep V Rim x Paul Large Flange Hub. The rim is Australian -born rim maker Velocity! In addition, this Deep V Rim is also a masterpiece rim of Velocity. CNC processing is applied to the brake surface to enhance the brake performance. The bearing is also unique to Paul's unique tuning with a hub that balances light weight and rigidity, so the rotation is smooth!
SRAM RIVAL BRAKE SET ¥ 10,900 (+tax) Next, introduce the caliper brake of SRAM! As you may know, SRAM is the world's top component manufacturer !! It is a highly reliable manufacturer because it is also used in the Tour de France and Olympics. Rival chose this time is among the components lineup from SRAM Located in the middle grade, it has a high usage rate on road bikes and touring bikes, and the braking force is also good!
NITTO B809AA BLACK ¥ 8,417 (+Tax) Choose a riser for the handle! ! Recently, low -rise handles are popular This time, I dared to make the rise higher. It looks ◎! ! Fly the place where you fly easily, stop when you stop! ! It's natural, but it's the most important and difficult. Gazzetta can do that without difficulty! ! Hayashi
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