A guy who can get on hard every day. CINE...

Kansai has become a little warmer, and the maximum temperature has exceeded 10 degrees every day. I feel like I want to run off -road in the park leisurely along the embankment. yes. That's why I would like to introduce Tutto today. CINELLI TUTTO COMPLETE ¥ 125,000- (+Tax) Frame Set ¥ 90,000- (+Tax)
"Cinelli Mash Work is now a successor to" "now"Cineritut " The tires can be worn up to 35c, even if you run, like a commuter, or an Everyday bike. A amazing guy who looks good. All -weather -compatible riverbed commuting to work fastest vehicles I'm sorry that it is hard to read because it is only kanji. You can go on the rain, snow, or on an unpaved road. Genuine, slightly longer handle is installed, steet -like, He / she does vibration on the road surface.
The rear brake is also an internal specification, so it looks refreshing.

The wheel is stable on the rimH Plus Son AT-25. The hub is high rotation, high rigidity, long lifePHIL WOOD PRO TrackChoice. H Plus Son AT-25 X Phill Wood Pro Track Hub F/¥ 49,600- (+tax) r/¥ 52,600- (+tax)
Durability and rotation are also inked by mash crew. It is synonymous with a good hub. Recommended for those who do not want to compromise with wheels. You can also use installment payments too ~ If you pay 12 times, it looks like this! H Plus Son AT-25 X Phill Wood Pro Track Hub Before and after Set
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