Cyclo -cross report. This season last. Ka...

This season's race is the last time. Chiaki music. The place is a relatively nearby Kashiwara area. It is a place to arrive in about 30-40 minutes if you do not. Isn't Kashiwara the last cyclocross? The first category 2 on the day. A fast -pooling place for people who are not up to category 1. smile
The first C2 race is recognizing the run time by mistake, I stood on the grid 2 seconds before the start lol I'm going to tighten the binding while running The course is a little technical and I like it. Fine corners are continuous.
From drop -in in the sandbox
Turn the corner,
Also sandbox. And
Low chicane? Curve after the step.
As usual, there is a normal size chicane. How to fly is really crazy lol

Immediately after the start, a fairly long straight continues, so It was finally to turn it off if it was a single. C3 races are held in 30 minutes, but 40 minutes from C2. C3 was seven laps, but C2 was 9 laps. It's not so terrible that I almost die It was good, but next season is full of anxiety. 。 。
As a result, 35 entry. The race was 32 and the ranking was 18th. It was a good feeling for the first C2 in the racing from the back. Rather, it was fun than C3, so it was fun.
I started cyclocross from this season, Start from C4 (the bottom category),Promoted to C3 with 3rd place in the second race. From there, it was quite possible to be promoted and lost even if I put it in a single digit. Promoted in 3rd place in the Katsura River stage in the 8th battleI'm glad I got up to C2 this season. Of course, the ultimate goal is C1 (the fastest category), but I want to go up to C2 this season. I thought, soGoal achievement.I am satisfied personally! The CX for the 2018-2019 season is over. In the usual year, is the next round around the fourth lap in October this year? Let's go out together! There were many races and I was not in the store on weekends, so with customers I had few opportunities to talk about cyclocross, Until next season, we will be in the store on weekends, so we are waiting for you to talk! Yuki
1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi Ward, Osaka City MAP
12:00-19:00 (no regular holidays)