Pioneer in spring! The hot bicycle now is...

Today, we introduce custom bikes of the entry model "Cure" from Leader Bikes. Leaderbikes's only pashute (front down) frame CURE inheriting Kagero's geometry. This model is popular among the staff. You can take a forward leaning posture, and because it becomes an front load, it is easy to use "SKID" unique to fixed gears. This model, which has a lot of benefits, can fully demonstrate its performance in Japan with many traffic lights. Let's take a look at such CURE with T3PRO, which has just arrived.
Leaderbikes Cure LTD T3PRO Custom ¥ 205,000 (+tax) picture! ? That's right. It's a polish! Polished CURE with very few in stock as a limited color, it is finished in a more aggressive look ◎ The polish color, which is rarely lurking with the rod, is sold out every time. You can't find such a masculine piste bike. And when I had customized RIP CRANK. The first one is a perfect custom. Rather, it may be high spec. This time, there is one small scratch associated with the exhibition, so it will be offered at this price. (It's a very small scratch, so it's a level you can't understand unless you look closely.) If you are reading this blog, you don't have time to get lost! If you are scared, please contact us first. This price is applied to the loan simulation of this car
Approximately ¥ 18,000 per monthYou can ride from! At this price,Now, if you are commuting to train, the regular fee will be floating and it will be a good morning exercise. I'm not good at crowded trains, so I'm commuting by basic bicycle ◎ Soon in the spring, bicycles may be an ant in the sense of challenging new things. Then. Currently, Kichijoji store is available for immediate delivery! Don't miss the blog below! ! We accept "immediate delivery". -BROTURES KICHIJOJI- Applications for immediate delivery are accepted by phone, e -mail, or DM. In addition, please use the following inquiry form when making inquiries by e -mail.
And, of course, the customers who have ordered now are presenting a Brotures mini -dial sticker from the Kichijoji store !!
Please be assured that distant customers will be bundled with the product!! Then we are waiting at the store today !!
OUTLET mail order site has been opened !!
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