I think this wheel is absolutely fast.

Until now, I have assembled the wheels in various combinations, and there are things that I feel each time, but I want to ride the wheels introduced this time seriously. It was a wheel that I thought while assembling. Then, introduction. F-35 × GOKISO TRACK HUB
This is a reasonable wheel for assembling a hand -based wheel, or a reasonable wheel for building a fast -running wheel. This combination is not all, but I think it's a very good thing to think about the price, purpose of use, and where to use it.
The rimF-35。 I've already appeared many times, but I think it's easy to use, and it's easy to think about it in town riding or hand -assembled carbon. The amount that was decreasing a little moreScheduled to be restockedBut there is.
So, the hubGokisohey. This hub alone is special for both prices and construction. The details of gokiso are the blogs I wrote earlierPlease see. If you are interested. Even Ayumu -san, who doesn't show any interest in the hub, touches this hub"Don't rotate uncomfortable ~ I said. I feel the same. Unlike ordinary hubs, it is a unpleasant rotation. Feeling transmitted to your hand. The feeling of keeping turning even though it seems to stop is amazing. In addition, the spokes are also made up of CX-ray and are lightly finished. The rim is light, the hub is heavy, even though it is heavy, the spoke that supports it is lightweight but rigid. No,I think this wheel is absolutely fast。 The body of this wheel order will be assembled in the future, but that is also interesting. I think it will come someday that you can introduce on blogs. If you don't mind, can you ride once when you assemble it? I'm thinking of asking.
Fujimoto's horse racing prediction The previous result. Atari It was the best. I came as expected. I shouted. I'm so happy to win. Well, I will bet this week. This week's raceNakayama 11R Nakayama Memorial (G2 Then here is the forecast ↓ ↓ ↓
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