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There is no such thing as this, or this is the correct answer! ! The best thing about the fixes is that you can customize it freely and enjoy it in jeanless. I think CINELLI TUTTO, which is introduced today, is a frame full of such goodness. This time, based on the finished car, imagined a truck cross I finished the bad road into a crisp custom! !
CINELLI TUTTO COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 125,000 ( + Tax) This frame that appeared as a successor to Mash Work. The tire clearance is wide and you can wear block tires like this time! ! It is also possible to attach V -brakes and cantilei brakes, which are rare in the fix,! ! In short, it's one that can be enjoyed with a wide variety of customs! !
Ritchey Max Cross COMP 700X35 ¥ 2,900 ( + Tax) We chose a relatively reasonable RITCHEY COMP series! ! Although it is cheap, it is both grip power and low rolling resistance ◎ A little step! ! Above all, looks and stability are outstanding.
Ritchey Max Cross ¥ 10,500 ( + Tax) Highly intensified 7050 aluminum triple batted tube boasts lightness and high rigidity! ! Although it is a very wide handle, it is good to use it like an MTB or cut it.
Ritchey WCS C220 STEM ¥ 13,500 ( + tax) This stem with a structure that wraps around the handle 220 °. It is possible to change the handle with a high holding power while maintaining a high hold power! ! An assemble that can cover the burden around the steering when running downhill and on bad roads! ! In recent trends, I feel like I'm riding with a cyclo -like pist and fixing it! ! Tutto with a very wide width from truck to gravel. It will accept any custom! ! The good point is that there is no binding in custom. TUTTO has no restrictions on the frame, so you can feel the fun of the fist more! ! As you like what you like. Please finish it to your own original specification. YOSHIE
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