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Today is a custom introduction of Tyrant Bikes Kagero! ! BROTURES I customized Kagero, which boasts the lightest in history! !
Tyrant Bikes Kagero Framest ¥ 120,000 ( + tax) Pashute frame with a beautiful front descent! ! The frame weight is amazing 1.6kg! ! Full carbon fork realizes light handling and lightness with a standard equipment! ! The sheet tube is made of lag and more compact Get the rear triangle and make it a quick and sharp ride! ! It is a frame with three beats of ease of riding, speed, and coolness.
ROTOR ALDHU TRACK CRANKSET ¥ 49,200 ( + tax) Install Detstock Rotor Aldhu on the crank! ! This is located at the highest peak of truck crank! ! Upgraded to 30mm 7075 aluminum shaving from 24mm stainless steel shaft Peding with less loss is now possible! ! The weaknesses of the previous work have been reviewed and the finish is suitable for the highest peak! !
BROTURES SHRED88 CARBON WHEEL ¥ 55,000 ( + Tax) Install the BROTURES original carbon diprim SHRED88 before and after! ! When you start to get hooked on the fix, many people long for deep rims! After all, the looks and presence unique to the pisto are attracted somewhere. In carbon wheels, it tends to be out of cospa and is out of stock. Not only the appearance, but also its ride is trusted by overseas riders! As it is, the looks unique to the piste are the same I finished it as much as I could. ! If you aim for the fastest street, it's definitely Kagero. That said, it is a reality that you can't buy a pon. I'm wondering what kind of frame it is, but I'm afraid to buy it suddenly. If you like that, hereblogPlease also refer to it! ! Seeing is unlikely at first glance. YOSHIE
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