Cospa's strongest baton wheel is restocke...

That baton wheel is restocked! Encore Fixed Gear Wheel Raw ¥ 50,000-/COLOR ¥ 60,000-
To be clear, it is a heavy category when it is said to be light or heavy. However, this wheel is still popular and always sold out. The price may be cheap, but both strength and looks are outstanding. Even if you are riding and handling, it is okay to have it handled properly. Well, there is a limit even if it is rough. smile Even if it is RAW color, it is ¥ 100,000- (+tax), so it is almost the same price as T4 and T3. I think that the satisfaction is quite high because we have front and back!
This time, I set the front and back to 735. Leader Bieks 735TR ¥ 185,000- (+Tax)
If you customize the wheels from the beginning, you can trade in, so you can put it out a little! By the way, front desk¥ 8,000-, rear ¥ 9,000-is. that's why. If you buy an encore before and after¥ 83,000- (+tax)It feels like you can buy it. The total amount of this custom¥ 282,900- (+tax) I will put an installment simulation!
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