Special color of 721 only!

Did you know that Leader Bikes has a special color for each model? 721TR is one of the most popular. It is a popular model as an entry model, but I think many people have been attracted to this mat orange. Today I customized such a 721TR orange. Leader Bikes 721TR COMPLETE BIKE The 721TR is equipped with an aluminum frame and a standard carbon fork. Painting the same quality as the upper model. Nevertheless, the price setting is easy to get out. It is a perfect one for the first pin. This time, we customized the front wheel to the T3 Pro baton wheels and handle with long risers. This is the new standard of the street. The handle SHRED BAR is still popular. It is recommended for beginners because it is wide, wide, easy to put on and has a sense of stability!
Handle: Nitto for SHERD BAR Stem: CINELLI MASH STEM And after all, I really yearn for the looks of the baton wheel. Of course, not only cool, but also carbon unique riding comfort and significant weight reduction will increase driving! This is a chance after the arrival because it tends to be out of stock!
BROTURES T3 Pro Carbon Wheel Even though it is an entry model, the material used for the frame is the same as the upper model. That is, one can enjoy custom. Potential is high. This custom bike is ¥ 239,630- in total. If you are 24 times in the split of a bike loan, you can get on now with ¥ 99,000 per month.
Anyone can apply, so please feel free to tell us. TOSHI
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