What about CORIMA baton wheels? Tyrant Bi...

This baton wheel has arrived after a long time. CORIMA 3 Spoke Baton Wheel Front ¥ 123,000- (+Tax)
The shape is similar to Brotures T3PRO. It doesn't feel like it's going straight from the hub like T3 It feels a little offset and looks like a shuriken. It looks like it looks like it. The price is a little expensive, CORIMA is lighter than 300g of weight! I guess the tubular specification has a considerable effect on the weight. 。 。 There are still few people who are setting CORIMA wheels Recommended for those who do not want to wear!
Because it is a lightweight wheel, I set it to Kagero with a lightweight frame! Tyrant Bikes Kagero Frame Set ¥ 120,000- (+Tax)
The Kagero's wheels are also very fresh. Is CORIMA really aiming? 。 。 This time, the aluminum wheels are the highest level of aluminum wheels on the rear. HED BELGIUM X PHILWOOD PRO TRACK ¥ 64,800- (+Tax)
This rim has a little stock of Belgium, so If you are interested, please contact us immediately! The next arrival is undecided, so as soon as it is gone.
this time. We set high -end wheels both before and after, but wheels and parts Installation payment is also available, so please feel free to contact us! I will put the simulation, so just for reference. 。 。 ! HED BELGIUM X PHILWOOD PRO TRACK ¥ 64,800- (+Tax)
CORIMA 3 Spoke Baton Wheel Front ¥ 123,000- (+Tax)
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