Simple and cool. That is number one.

Recently, even if you say a bite, you can choose from many options. But the bike that I think is cool is my favorite. in the end. Leader Bikes The Cure My recent favorite is this polish Cure. It's rugged but elegant, from racy custom to classic customs using carbon parts, and if you assemble as you like, you'll be nervous. This time, I finished it as a street that I attacked. Wheel: BROTURES T3 Handle: DEDA CRONONERO LO RIDER After all, the bullhorn suits the frame like CURE. Contrary to the aggressive appearance, there are many handles and you can get various positions, so it is also recommended for those who are new. And on the wheels, everyone's longing baton wheels! Lightness, appearance, and this desire to own nothing. Don't you think a motorcycle with riding and rising tension is the best in any genre? Even if you customize the handle and wheel like this, the fabric will change. Why don't you finish it with your favorite fix? TOSHI
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