The piste bike is also a spring color! Le...

2019 is already in March. I don't know if this word is popular "Heisei last"It is spring. The difference between the AD and the Japanese calendar is a story. I think it's the last day of the year every day, but lol Today is the last March 2, 2019. Well, that story is good, Speaking of LeaderMatte blackof The impression may be strong, but in fact, only this model There is a bright spring -like color lineup! Leader Bikes Cure Custom ¥ 100,000 ~ ( + Tax)
as a side noteSax BlueThis is the color. For LEADER, it has a relatively slender and sharp silhouette. In the normal state of the pedals and brakes, as well as the normal state¥ 100,000- (+tax)is! To put it simply, you can ride with the above price!
It is unpleasant to ride with a pure! But there is no budget enough to make a high custom. 。 。 Introducing recommended customs for those. I customized the stem and handle! The handle is a bullhorn that goes well with the frame of the front down. DEDA CRONO NERO ¥ 6,900- (+tax)
The stem is a classic choice at the Osaka store. Thomson X4 STEM ¥ 10,000- (+Tax)

It is like this! However, honestly, this is a custom as usual. As you may have noticed, what is the golden guy on the handle? yes. This is actually a bell! In Kansai"Chirinin"What a guy. smile Knog OI Classic Bell ¥ 2,300- (+Tax) KNOG OI LUXE ¥ 4,620- (+Tax)
It is a smart bell that is highly recommended for those who are looking for a bicycle for commuting and going to school! There is no discomfort even if you put it on a sports bike! There are some colors, so please come to see!
Finally, the total amount of this custom,¥ 119,520- (+tax) Of course, it is also possible to use installment payments, so it is for reference. 。 。 !
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