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If you have forgotten the story up to the last time, please review. https://brotures.com/blogs/store-blog/125540 https://brotures.com/blogs/store-blog/126532 Leader fell in love at first sight through Emi Brown. Transfer with 725TR and 735TR This time we will talk to Kagero. I sent it (upper) (middle), and this time is (below). I wish I could land in the conclusion exactly (other personnel affairs. Laughs)

Now, Click here for the kagero that I sold when I joined BROTURES. "1st kagero 2011"
(Photo / Harajuku store manager YUSUKE's favorite car 1st Kagero) As I said a little before, around this timeAn aluminum frame on the front is unusualwas. I was surprised because it was made by Aero Frame Leader. "Which kagero do you like?"If it is said,I'm this kageroI think. It's thin to be like "Leader -like", but compact frame design, Feeling that it looks thin and shiny, coloring and design. There's nothing like this kind of thing. Rock band albumSomehow the 1st is goodIt may be intuitive to do.
The time was time to switch to "2nd Kagero 2013". The 2nd model is agency in each country that sells at the same time while promoting production at the factory. For photography and various preparations based on information from the home country "Available things" may be painted in new colors and used as substitutes. That's why I started riding Kagero. From the president"2nd Kagero sample, you can ride because the shooting is over."and. You will ride right away. for now.
The coloring is a 2nd sample, and the contents are 1st. Good friendsSpeaking of meHe will say. Even now, I rent it to Kichijoji store manager, but I have the longest relationship, I experimented with Kagero's quality with this frame and was taught a lot. Skids that can only be done on one side with 735TR can be beautifully left and right in Kagero. SuchPashute frame mythWhat is the experience of this KAERO. As a result, this color was not released. It has become a real sample, but 2nd will be released safely. "2nd Kagero 2013"
This color and two colors, a gentle navy. For us"Kagero with yellow logo"I will communicate. I wasn't on this frame because I was riding almost 2nd. Well, there is an internal circumstances that the number of S size arrived was small. And now I'm talking about it, so The top tube may be a little longer from 1st to 2nd timing. You don't have to worry about anyone who has been connected to Kagero. I remember this Kagero was very popular. If you notice, the production will end, the stock will be gone, and the next time has been open for more than a year. For those who want kagero, the "Azuke" state lasts for a long time. (During this time 2 years.) During production, strict checks for increasing strength, Reproduction after correction, etc.Finally released after overcoming many adversityHere is what I got to. "3rd kagero 2015"
With this color (certainly phantom pearl)
This color (certainly Mithrill silver) I am the customer for this arrival timingI was waiting more than anyone。 smile For the reason mentioned earlierPostponement of arrival that happened several timesand,Pursuing the reason as a consumerdeath, I was angry and I was too depressed and the customers could no longer say anything.smile When it arrives, already
(Image / Kagero2015 People who cannot control the joy of arrival) Like this. I would be grateful if you could feel my KAERO love from this image. Here's what I was in agony.
ENVE is my favorite carbon brand since this time. (I'm sorry, I'm sorry now) The crank was the latest Sugino 75DD at the time, Hed Belgium on the rim. I praise myself, butIt's really cool.This fix. smile Every time, every time, my pistCooler than anyone, high specifications What kind of form for the person who saw it"Sounds"One of them. "The missing leg strength is covered by specifications"Motto I'm not always fast. My faster is fast. Yes, quotes. smile
At this time, at the Kichijoji store (current outlet) I was a store manager, but I decided to be a mecha chef at the Harajuku store. Occasionally on BROTURES blogs"Staff bike check"The article is given. For those who are riding nowPleasant blog with a lot of stimulusOne of the At that time, he picked up my pist at the Harajuku store. https://brotures.com/55563 Yes, this article. Soon after this post, my loveKagero is stolen from the store。 -Continue. (It didn't end!) 763 (NARUMI) BROTURES OSAKA 1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka 06-4391-3313 osaka@brotures.com
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